could totally pull off something like this as Indo Western. Do it in a different color though.

Spring 2015 Couture Krikor Jabotian jαɢlαdy // Beautiful cut -> although I would very much prefer a different fabric and color.

Atelier SOUPLETS (attribué à), circa 1910-1915. (Back)

ephemeral-elegance: Sequined and Beaded Tulle. - ephemeral-elegance: “ Sequined and Beaded Tulle Theatre Costume with Detachable Train, ca.

How easy would this be to make?!  I made a swimsuit coverup like this when I was in my 20's.  The tunic in this pic is made from sari fabric - so soft  floaty!

must make some of these for summer- couldn't be an easier sewing project.this is a cute swimsuit cover!

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Camelot - Medieval Gown in a deep, shimmering burgundy velvet. Lots of other awesome medieval style dresses on that site!wow when i saw this i thoight of mother Gothel

1900 french dress

"Bord de Rivière au Printemps," Riverside in dress designed by French architect, painter and sculptor, Victor Prouvé. It features art nouveau embroidery with a Spring theme.

Two Evening Coats, 1920s, via Augusta Auctions.

TWO EVENING COATS, 1 in turquoise wool bands brocaded w/ gold lame Egyptian style symbols, single large button at roll neck, 1 black silk chiffon w/ chain stitch embroidery in Rennaissance lace patterns.

Liberty of London silk coat, 1920s.

Silk coat Liberty & Co. (British, founded London, Department Store: Liberty & Co. (British, founded London, Culture: French.