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a white bottle sitting in the corner of a tiled wall
a bathroom with a bathtub, shower head and toilet paper dispenser
a bathroom with a walk in shower next to a white sink and toilet under a mirror
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and tiled walls
a bathroom with white tiled walls and flooring, including a bathtub in the corner
two bottles of hand soap and lotion sitting on a shelf in a white tiled bathroom
a white bath tub sitting under a window next to a wall mounted shower faucet
a shower head with thermostaer and handset mounted on it's side
a bathroom with tiled walls and two mirrors on the wall, along with a shower head
the shower is made up of many different colored tiles and has a clear glass door
a tiled bathroom with three niches in the wall
a walk in shower sitting next to a white sink
a bathroom with grey brick walls and a square mirror
an empty shelf in the corner of a white tiled room with no one around it