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a cupcake decorated with leaves and acorns
Soap cupcakes- you have to look really closely to realise this isn't edible.
a cake decorated with pink roses and green leaves
Security Check Required
a piece of cake with whipped cream and strawberries on top is sitting on a white surface
Strawberry Cake Soap | Etsy
Beautiful Soap
Annas Organics Breakfast, Foods, Cereal, Food, Cakes, Facebook
Annas Organics
a close up of a cake with flowers on it
#Wedding Style #Rose #Soap Cake, absolutely stunning!
there is a cake with oranges and raspberries on it
Berry Lemon Meringue soap cake
a piece of cake with white and brown toppings on it sitting on a table
A big ol' hunk o' soap that looks like cake.
Mint Chocolate Chip Soap Cake by Sudstress, via Flickr
a pink cake topped with lots of cherries
Pink Saturday
A pink SOAP cake
purple and white layered cake with raspberry toppings on the top, in front of an advertisement for organic black raspberry and vanilla
Vovacia Goats Milk Soap Cake Slices. 2012 Goats Milk Soap cake range.
four pieces of cake with white frosting and flowers on top, sitting next to each other
"Rose Geranium" Soap Cake
some kind of cake with white frosting and flowers on top
"Rose Geranium" Soap Cake
two pieces of cake with flowers on top
"Rose Geranium" Soap Cake
a pink and white cake sitting on top of a table next to another piece of cake
Delicate Diva Soap Cake Slice - Soap Cake Slices by The Pass Christian Soap Co.