The Wonder Years...One of the Best 80s TV kids loved this show.

TV classic: McKellar as Winnie Cooper and Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years

Mont Blanc mountain is the highest point in France. It is also the highest mountain in the Alps, no only, bust also in the whole of Western Europe.

Visit Mont Blanc, France

Mont Blanc - Above Chamonix France- Observatory at Mont Blanc


Rentaghost - Harold and Ethel Meaker live in South Ealing, London and run a business called 'Rentaghost', where they rent ghosts out to the public. Over the years many ghosts come and go but the main 'Rentaghost' crew consist of: Timothy Claypole

Ron Ely as Tarzan with boy and Cheetah

TARZAN the TV Series starring Ron Ely. Young people will not understand this but we could only pick up three channels and if the weather was just right we could get a fourth and guess which one carried TARZAN. the daisy field by Anita Nicholson

Daisies have always been my favorite flower and the way to win my heart too! “Daisies, simple and sweet. Daisies are the way to win my heart.

Italy Travel Inspiration - Tuscan Sunflower Field, Italy.

31 Inspiring Travel Destinations

sunflower girasoli ,Tuscany breathtaking Italy , I love sunflowers the are such cheerful flowers

Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell Illuminati, Satan worship, sex magick and occult symbolism