David Hockney: Two Boys Aged 23 or 24, 1966. Courtesy of David Hockney

David Hockney: the poets that make me paint

Picasso | Etching: Not unlike any of his other pieces, Picasso uses all kinds of different lines and shapes to put his etching together.

The muse and her minotaur: 100 rare Picasso etchings documenting love affair are donated to British Museum

Unikat - 2013 - Palefroi

test-print-page - Palefroi - handcrafted books and art prints - silkscreen - berlin

In The Dull Village - David Hockney (1966)

In the Dull Village, David Hockney, Etching and aquatint on paper such a fascinating piece on a historical note due to the social context it represents of the recent legalization of homosexuality in England


Pablo Picasso Minotaure Caressant Du Mufle La Main d'Une Dormeuse 1933 by 448 mm)