preschoolers make rolled paper sculptures ~ great art project for fine motor skills and problem solving

Rolled Paper Sculptures

train tracks in a box small world play, Pretend play without the expensive train table. -- The Imagination Tree

Train Tracks Small World in a Cardboard Box

DIY Train Tracks Small World made from a cardboard box. Plenty of room for lots of imagination here! Add a cereal box train station, cardboard tube tunnels and train tracks drawn with markers.

Block Center- create a jungle or other animal environment in your block center using tree blocks,  real or pretend plants, blue material symbolizing water, and plastic animals. Idea from The Imagination Tree: Small World Play

It's Playtime! Small World Play Ideas

Learning and Exploring Through Play: Kids Pizza Delivery. Role Play Areas. Small World Ideas for Kids. Pizza Playdough.

Kids Pizza Delivery

Themed Pizza and Pasta fun for kids. From cooking the best pizzas in town, pizza delivery. Pizza Playdough and songs and games. This post is jam packed with lots of inspiration.

Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play: Preschool Center

Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play