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7 practical tips for keeping your chickens warm this winter-- I especially like #2!

7 practical tips to help you keep chickens warm this winter-- no matter what sort of temps you have!


Golden Laced Wyandottes are beautiful and productive birds for the home flock. They are a favorite amongst backyard flock owners for their dependable egg laying, easy going nature and cold hardiness. Each feather is golden edged in beetle black

Lemon Pyle Brahma, rare chicken breed. Hens will lay around 180 eggs per year.

Rare Chicken Breeds - Lemon Pyle Brahma (rooster pictured above) – A large breed with magnificent markings and colors. Legs completely covered in feathers. Hens will lay around 180 eggs per year.

rare chicken breeds with pictures | ... About The Bantam Chicken Breeds (6/27/2011) | The Chicken Coop

Silver Gray (Grey) Dorking Chick Silver Gray (Grey) Dorking Hen Colored Dorking Rooster Dorkings are an ancient breed, perhaps havin.

"whatcha doin?" Oh my goodness!.. Is this one of the most adorable photo.

9 month old portrait -- Seriously I need a baby girl haha! I am seeing so many Ideas tonight! LOVE IT

wow!!! -- Vertical strips of paper

Vertical strips of paper.Cool maybe as a base for some other sort of art, have kids tear paper, paint strips, then parent assembles on canvas and super imposes quote on top of?