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Mõnusad kaeraküpsised

Estonian desserts: Kaeraküpsised, my favourite oat cookies in the world

It's a popular cake on children's birthday parties and on September 1st (the day all Estonian kids go back to school). Description from I searched for this on

Estonian cookie cake (Kõige parem küpsisetort) - made of cookies, milk or coffee for moisture, and thick sour cream.

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The Estonian Kitchen: 5 Classic Foods You Probably Didn’t Think of Trying

Estonian Kitchen: 5 Local Dishes You Probably Didn’t Think of Trying

Hõrk rabarbrikook hapukoorega

Rhubarb and Sour Cream Tart. I do like a good tart, a nice break from cake and pie. Source: Recipe and image by Pille of Nami-Nami

Mustikakook. Blueberry cake.

Blueberry Cake with Sour Cream Filling and Coconut Topping by Nami-Nami. We love crumb cakes here in Estonia. Quite a lot. They're cheap, quick, and an excellent way of using up all those

Nami-Nami retseptikogu :: Nami-Nami kaneelirullid

Estonian cinnamon rolls fresh yeast* 3 T lukewarm water milk 100 g unsalted butter t salt 85 g sugar ml) 1 t ground cardamom 600 to 650 g all-purpose flour Filling: 100 g unsalted butter 85 g caster sugar Tbsp ground cinnamon For brushing: 1 small egg