Nerve networks

A fluorescent microscopic image of neurons generated from human embryonic stem cells.

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A synapse map of the human brain at work. The Human Connectome Project has been exploring the brain’s connections using a high-resolution map since and the project seeks to examine the brains of volunteers to create a database of healthy brain structure.

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Microscopy: sulphur and hydroxyline crystals polarized light

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Maiken Nedergaard, a University of Rochester Neurosurgeon, has found that our brain cleans itself up of waste products while we rest.

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The extracellular matrix regulates cell behavior because signals from the matrix…

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CIRCUIT BOARD - Google Search

CIRCUIT BOARD - Google Search

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CIRCUIT BOARD - Google Search

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Jan Schmoranzer Freie University Berlin, Institute for Chemistry and Biochemistry Berlin, Germany Specimen: Neuronal culture Technique: Fluorescence, 6 images stitched at magnification