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a lamp that is on top of a table next to a figurine and a glass jar
two people in a room with lots of clutter on the floor and walls, one person is looking at herself in the mirror
my messy room and i
a woman wearing glasses and a hat on top of her head
a man with a bird on his head talking on the phone
лина verry aggrressivve swamp witch on Twitter
Peter DeVito on Twitter
Peter DeVito on Twitter
an older woman sitting on top of a chair holding a toothbrush in her mouth
89-Year Old Kimiko Nishimoto Loves Taking Humorous Self-Portraits
At the age of 72, Kimiko Nishimoto decided to do something she had never done before. She decided to take a beginners course in photography that was taught by her eldest son. Nishimoto immediately fell in love with the medium and began taking humorous, comical and sometimes surreal self-portraits.
an older person sitting at a table drinking from cans
89-year-old grandma from Japan takes hilarious self-portraits
Kimiko Nishimoto, an 89-year-old grandmother from Japan, has found a second career in life, taking entertaining self-portraits that are now finding their way into galleries across the country
several pieces of paper with faces and glasses on them
Saul Steinberg, Masquerade.
a group of people standing in the middle of a circle with their legs spread out
What happened to that vegas wedding
an assortment of fruits and vegetables with faces painted on them
No Photoshop Necessary: Vegetarian Art
an older woman sitting in a chair looking through a magnifying glass at something
There Are Infinite Reasons To Love This Photographer And Her 97-Year-Old Muse - IGNANT