Cornelia Parker - Hanging Fire Suspected Arson

Multiples and repetition Cornelia Parker - Hanging Fire Suspected Arson


Sound and Image Brief

Cornelia Parker: Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View, 1991 The visual cacophony that Parker creates in this mixed media installation is stunning; we particularly like her use of light and shadow to.

I love Cornelia Parker's installations. They play with our understanding of physics and challenge us to rethink spaces.

Cornelia Parker has amazing sculpture and installation work, where she hangs materials from the ceiling to give the illusion that the piece is floating and creates a fantastic dynamic between the v…

Dennstaedtiaceae Pteridium aquilinum

Pteridium aquilinum (Dennstaedtiaceae) image 41388 at PhytoImages.

Cornelia Parker Great info here:

Cornelia Parker, "Thirty Pieces of Silver" Cette artiste joue et nous…

Cornelia Ann Parker: "Cold, Dark Matter"

Cornelia Ann Parker: "Cold, Dark Matter"

Cornelia Parker - 'Cold, Dark Matter: An Exploded I like how theres a before and after and shows her individuality towards art

Metamorphosis detail

Metamorphosis detail by Sue Hotchkis,

Cornelia Parker. Cast of the spaces between paving slabs.

Cast of the spaces between paving slabs.

I think this is fab, Cornelia Parker has some how made a mould over the top of a puddle on some pavement, it is fantastic as It is unique and different; yet a fragile look, but SO brill.

Cornelia Parker - Black Puddle (Rhoda Street) 2013 Black patinated bronze 109 x 118 x 6 cm

Cornelia Parker, Neither From Nor Towards, 1992 on ArtStack #cornelia-parker #art

selected works Beautiful and thoughtful installations. "I resurrect things that have been killed off.

Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Parker

The Opposite of Tomato: Cornelia Parker Edge of England

Scattered - Installation by Cornelia Parker

Chen Chen Kai Williams: ‘We believe that since materials aren’t inert, we should allow them to take form in the way that they wish to.’

"Swell" Vase, 2011 Fabric, expanding polyurethane foam, glass and rope. Kai Tsien and Chen Chen

Cornelia Parker, Thirty Pieces of Silver (Exhaled), 2003, 30 silver plated items crushed by 250 ton industrial press, metal, wire (c) Image Courtesy the artist & Frith Street Gallery, London

Thirty Pieces of Silver (Exhaled) Sugar Bowl, Cornelia Parker, Courtesy of the Artist and Frith Street Gallery. Currently showing as part of The Real Idea

Official artist of the general election 2017: Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Parker on the campaign trail

An introduction to the Summer Exhibition by Cornelia Parker RA