1970's NYT NY subway archives.

Dope Photo Shuttle that links Times Square to Grand central Terminal New York Times, New York City Subway Archives. Photo by Librado Romero.

Angels in New York

angel on the subway.this is ironic, really, because in my book, Scarlett lives in New York and takes the subway all the time (Scarlett is an Angel)


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Bruce Davidson

Bruce Davidson, how does this guy does to be in the right place at the right time, that something I really admire about documentary photographers.

The Guardian Angels in NYC subways (Curtis Sliwa) - 1970's New York City

In May Curtis Sliwa created the "Magnificent a group dedicated to combating violence and crime on the New York City subways. At the time, the city was experiencing a crime wave. The Magnificent 13 grew and was renamed the Guardian Angels.

If you combine black and white photography with reflections and then architecture I will forever by in love with the photo

Black & White Photography: Part 3

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New York Subway Turnstiles, Dave Beckerman 1993 I love to see blur and the movement of life in photos! I strive for it in my own work