Layering each section of the cooking process to make the whole picture.

Layered Landscapes (6 pics)

The theme of Japaneses artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi work is “the physical that permeates into the art piece.” Laser print mounted with plexiglass acrylic and layered in a way that it all come up as some intriguing sculpture installations.

I like the use of a a strong background colour and with the layer of white text and black imagery. This type of layout tackles a way to fit more information within so little space. The way I read this is the striking colour then the white text followed by the photographs.

Toormix New Papers by toormix. I'm really into all this overlapping colours with images and texts there is real order to the chaos, This design has definitely inspired me.


Brand identity, slogan and web design created by Gijon, Spain-based graphic design studio atipo for minke, a graphic services provider and online consulting that offers production and research.

Three issues that follow the same layout with the difference of the choice of colour for each one.

Editorial Design Served features top work in the magazine and book design categories.

Negative space within a grid system. it highlights the strong structure and becomes a delicate piece to admire.

collect empty books/diaries and cheque books etc. from various places. cut through and photograph.

Layering the same imager over itself but using different colours to make a blurry illusion.

Dust'n'Bones Hadrien Degay Delpeuch in Prints

Pink paper complimented with purple duotone photos and black text.

Because Studio — Design & Art Direction/Optimism/Pessimism — Designspiration

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