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We love Victorian oddities and gruesome curiosities from a past era...follow our board to get some fun ideas of how to theme the modem home using this on-trend…
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three women standing in front of a mirror with their hands on the door knobs
21 Creepy Black And White Photos That Give ‘Nightmare’ A New Meaning
I love this. And no, it is NOT a real photo from an insane asylum, lol. CREDIT: German performer Pina Bausch did a piece in 1977 - “Blaubart” (or in English, “Bluebeard”) - and this was a part of that performance.
a glass dome with birds in it
bird victorian dome - it would be pretty to do something like this with some of the Christmas bird ornaments I have collected....b
an assortment of items displayed on a table in front of paintings and pictures, including mushrooms
Cabinet de curiosité
an old fashioned typewriter sitting on top of suitcases next to a skull head
Halloween Curiosities
The Crazy Witch Lady Writer's corner...what can I say.
a bird is perched on top of a shelf with potted plants and other items
Victoria Magazine
Liking this crazy antique Victorian hall tree...though I will skip the dead birdie, thanks all the same.
an old fashioned shelf is filled with bottles and other items that are on top of it
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Victorian apothercary i need my medicine cabinet to look like this..i can say'I'll just check the apothercary....'
an old fashioned musical box with a skeleton in it's front and back legs
Wunderkammer Cabinet 2
Unique, uncommon display box. Reminds me of Uncommon Objects in Austin or the show "Oddities" about Obscura Antiques. A conversation piece, for sure.
an old fashioned black mirror is on display
An Error has Occurred
Gorgeous Black Louis XVI Display Case
there are many framed pictures on the wall above this dining room table, along with vases and other decorative items
Take Your Home Decor to the Dark Side this Halloween |
With black walls trending in home decor, the latest designs are giving off a dark and moody vibe. The look is being paired with vintage pieces that look like the’re straight out of a Victorian curiosities cabinet.
a purple chair sitting next to a white table with a gold bowl on top of it
Styling a Victorian library room for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde! Featuring purple chair, taxidermy cockatoo and apothecary brain jar. Visit our shop:
an old black and white photo of a young boy sitting on a chair with a pipe in his mouth
Murder Bottles
Many Victorian mothers, while intending to provide the best food and feeding methods for their infants, tragically caused the deaths of their own little ones. Although doctors condemned the bottles and infant mortality rates of the time were shocking – only two out of ten infants lived to their second birthday – parents continued to buy and use them. The bottles eventually earned the nickname, “Murder Bottles.”
a large glass jar filled with lots of different types of things on top of a table
Taxidermy for sale | eBay
Antique Unique Skull & Skeletal Fragment Sculpture in a Victorian Glass Dome in Collectables, Animals, Taxidermy | eBay
an old poster with a man flying through the air in front of a clock tower
Canal History
In the early 19th century, there were reports of ghosts that stalked the streets of London. These human-like figures were described as pale and stalked and preyed on lone pedestrians. The stories told of these figures formed part of a distinct ghost tradition in London which, some writers have argued, formed the foundation of the later legend of Spring-heeled Jack. Spring-Heeled Jack, the terror of Victorian London #history #places #london #victoriana #victorian
an old black and white photo of many people
The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities – in pictures
The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Art & Natural History - London! #skeletons