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"The Polling".
"The Humours of an Election"
"A Just View of the English Stage"
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A Rake's Progress by William Hogarth (1732-1733) -- a series of 8 paintings following the downfall of a young man who came into fortune and looses it all in brothels and gambling debts.
A Harlot's progress by William Hogarth - 6 engraving and story of a prostitute on them
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THE FOUR TIMES OF DAY: EVENING. This painting takes place outside the city, near the Sadler's Wells Theatre. A pregnant woman and her husband have travelled to the countryside surrounding London to escape the heat. In the bar, other travellers can be seen. Hogarth is poking fun here at people who escape the city only to recreate the smoky crowded conditions of London inside a bar.
Advent Calender 2011 - Day 14
Moll is now the mistress of a wealthy Jewish merchant, as is confirmed by the Old Testament paintings in the background which have been considered to be prophetic of how the merchant will treat Moll in between this plate and the third plate. She has numerous affectations of dress and accompaniment, as she keeps a West Indian serving boy and a monkey. A Harlot's Progress (also known as The Harlot's Progress), 1731, now lost) and engravings (1732) by the English artist William Hogarth.
Noon. The scene takes place in Hog Lane, part of the slum district of St Giles with the church of St Giles in the Fields in the background. Hogarth would feature St Giles again as the background of Gin Lane and First Stage of Cruelty. The picture shows Huguenots leaving the French Church in what is now Soho.