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Hokkus Pokus As seen in 74 Magazine Photographer: Elizaveta Porodina Stylist: Lorand Lajos Model: Asia Bugajska Hair/Makeup: Heiko Palach Photo's via Elizaveta Porodina website Foto Fashion, Fashion Art, Editorial Fashion, Fashion Poses, Couture Fashion, Style Fashion, Fashion Design, Editorial Photography, Fine Art Photography

Futuristically Textured Fashion

74 Magazine 'HOKKUS POKUS' - The 74 Magazine ‘HOKKUS POKUS’ editorial is at once vibrant and dark. The use of neon pinks and blues is not lost in the shadowy captur...

NASA's Cassini spacecraft looks past the cratered south polar area of Saturn's moon Rhea to spy the moon Dione and the planet's rings in the distance. Dione's 'wispy' terrain can be seen on the trailing hemisphere of that moon. Nasa Solar System, Solar System Exploration, Space Exploration, Hubble Pictures, Hubble Images, Sistema Solar, Saturns Moons, Science, Spacecraft

Mysteries of Saturn revealed: Nasa probe captures clearest views of planet's rings - and the tiny 'mini-moons' swimming inside them

The new views Cassini has captured are the sharpest the probe has 'seen' in years - and are allowing scientists to track tiny 'mini-moons' within the rings, carving out trails in the ice as they orbit the huge planet, the solar system's second largest.