To make a translucent, finished-edge applique, or a piece for jewelry, sew onto a stabilizer, then remove the excess. Or stretch very fine tulle or organza on a hoop,add water-soluble stabilizer, and sew. Meredith Woolnough

“ Meredith Woolnough: Two Ginko Leaves embroidery thread, pins, glass rods on fabriano paper ”

Kim Thittichai

Experimental Textiles 7 – hot stuff!

Last weekend we had more of an open session using heat. We spent time experimenting with metal shims and foils, but the type I liked best was the thin metal mesh sometimes called woven cloth.

Waterfall- 53cm x 43cm, July page of the BJP. Raw silk background, metal and silk organza, felt thread, beading... Can you hear the water flow??

Waterfall- Raw silk background, metal and silk organza, felt thread, beading. Can you hear the water flow?

Soluble Fabric

12 Colour Wheel machine embroidered on soluble fabric Were you able to mix and match colours accurately? I wanted to understand why it'.

scrappy flowers... by ominnimo, via Flickr

using up some of the vast amounts of scrap fabric that I can never throw out! Added to that I've stitched some random flowers by machine.

Hand dyed fabric machine stitched to water soluble fabric; threads couched on top

Assignment 3

Use water soluble paper, sandwich fibers between paper, stitch grid lines. Dissolve paper in water and put scarf in dryer.

Blue Sky Fragment - Painted papers and free machine embroidery.

Meredith Woolnough 'Gum leaf skeleton', embroidery thread, pins, glass rods on paper Mehr

Meredith Woolnough | Available Works

The Artwork of Meredith Woolnough: Little Ginkgo studies (crochet inspiration )

Machine embroidery using dissolvable fabric

By Sarah Bell Smith. Spun and unspun wool sewn together using dissolvable fabric.