adorable code

Artists Tom Burtonwood and Holly Holmes have fun by extruding the classic code design with a code-within-a-code concept.

The Times thought up they own what-can-QR-codes-lead-to.

15 Beautiful and Creative QR Codes - Time Magazine covers - via Mashable


In the same way that bar codes don't have to be boring, quick response codes can also be creative. Thanks to a tolerance in readability, you can have some real fun with clev.

Cool idea. though it must have been not Qr. pity.

Creative QR codes can entice consumers into scanning them. We've found 15 excellent examples in our inspirational gallery.

It doesnt work(though they say it must), but still lovely. and cool idea.

Patrick Donnelly is such a QR code enthusiast, he spent months on Farmville "growing" a design!