“When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.” -Babara Bloom

Edo period tea bowl with golden seams (kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending ceramics) ●彡

Shatter Traditions.

"Intoxicated Drawing" by ~golfiscool Traditional Art / Drawings / Still Life (shattered, broken bottle of liquor jack daniels whiskey )

It breaks our heart to see this wonderful glass broken but this is quite enhcanting!

The broken glass directly symbolizes Rahel's brokenness within, as well as the depression she encounters now due to her diconnescted relationship with Estha, the betrayal of Velutha, and the detached relationship between her and Ammu.

Emilio Pucci  http://www.annabelchaffer.com/categories/Ladies/

They’re the perfect reddish-brown, with an oval toe and stiletto heel, to wear with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, black Zara turtle neck {with button cuffs} and a fur waistcoat!

Emilio Pucci blue suede shoes

Emilio Pucci Suede cutout ankle boots Emilio Pucci boots have stitch detailing, self ties with tasselled ends at back, an almond toe and simply slip on.

'One Cubic Meter of Broken Silence' by Sarah Van Sonsbeeck

mianoti: “ Sarah Van Sonsbeeck * One cubic meter of broken silence vandalized art object, brick, glass steel ”


Thus breaking a mirror would terminate its powers, the soul would be astray form the body and misfortunes would be brought upon the one whose reflection it last held.

martin klimas - shattering flowers

In his latest series titled "Rapid Bloom," German photographer Martin Klimas captured these spectacular high-speed photographs of shattering flowers that had been dipped in liquid nitrogen and dried with an air gun.

Flowers Soaked in Liquid Nitrogen Shatter on Impact

Jon Shireman // Broken Flowers - This is a photographic series by Jon Shireman titled Broken Flowers. The project saw him soaking a number of flowers in liquid nitrogen, smashing them and then.