the magic of the sea

Window Seat by Julieanne Kost: Aerial This photo shows the texture of the water at a distance. I think the difference in color naturally also shows the texture as it continues to flow

tobias tovera    Tobias uses dyes/solvents and the images are formed from the evaporation. There are a lot of styles like this from a bunch of parts of the world, marbled papers are made in a sort of similar fashion. The Japanese have Suminagashi, Turkey has Ebru, and there are others... "water painting" also will turn up some cool videos of the same concepts at work.

Tobias Tovera, you work is mesmerizing, one of these blue paintings will hang in my house one day. Learn more about Tobias Toveras’s beautiful artwork

"Untitled Memory © Karen Goetzinger Mixed Media Textile Construction

"Untitled Memory © Karen Goetzinger Mixed Media Textile Construction www. Love this work and had a lovely visit at Karen's website. Click over and check out some more of her glorious work.