outdoor abacus

Gardening Ideas For Schools 7 tips for making your schools garden fabulous Our Homemade Outdoor Abacus Cost Grand Total Of 3 Fab Idea All From Poundland

Learn with Play at Home: Paintsicles. Frozen paint cubes for creative fun.

Paintsicles. Frozen paint cubes for creative fun.

"Paintsicles" Frozen paint cubes for creative fun. From Learn with Play at Home. My kids have never played with paint because I can't stand the idea of the terrible mess!

Bright orange sand for the mark making area this week. Thanks to Rachel at stimulating learning again for the printables I use in this area!

Practicing fine motor manipulation of hand movements to help promote handwriting skills in the sand. Prompt cards are used for children to copy the shapes.

play-doh zoo enclosures w/popsicle sticks

Zoo Theme: Make your own zoo using play-dough and craft sticks. have to figure out how to make a rendition of animals inside. We could create our own zoo for summer camp!

Learn to read recipe book..for the role play home corner

restaurant = restaurante :) "recipe book" using environmental print.great for dramatic play kitchen.also could do "menus" based on the play food in your kitchen area and teach children to recreate the menu their friend chose.too fun!

Great manipulative for teaching numbers, one to one correspondence as well as motor skills

Spring Butterfly Counting Preschool Lesson Plan birds nest plastic egg jelly beans numbers hand each child a plastic egg with a certain number of jelly beans on the inside. have them match the number of jelly beans in the egg to the birds nest

Ice and Salt sensory table--from teaching 2 and 3 year olds blog--good blog with lots of ideas for early childhood ed.

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: Ice and Salt in the Sensory Table. Uses pipettes, colored water to explore ice. Also some other activities including ice and water colors.