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Every child decorates a stone and then adds a weatherproofing varnish. What an amazingly welcoming display! School counselors - could make it a great lesson on diversity & add stones to our school garden

Sensory Sunday - Touchy Feely Frames using old plastic picture frames. Add some different textures (bubble wrap, faux fur, textured place mats, fabric, ribbon) and let your little one explore! Perfect for babies and toddlers for some sensory play.

Make your own touchy feely frames! An easy DIY sensory play idea for your babies and toddlers using items from around the house.

This is something I did in my classroom this year when I was talking to my preschool class about how we are all different, yet the same. It is a wall display of the children in my preschool classroom. The children were asked to search for their own eyes and when the parents came in later that day, I asked them to find their child's eyes too!

3 years and up Demonstrate development of self Use simple phrases to demonstrate an awareness of differences and/or similarities between self and others Demonstrate interest and curiosity as a learner Communicate a desire to learn new concepts or ideas