Наташа Hoban

Наташа Hoban

Наташа Hoban
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Scary Beautiful explores the ideals of fashion and what lies beyond perfection.

Reverse Stiletto With The Heel At The Front Challenges Our Concept Of Beauty

The Cool Hunter - Transportation

5 Pic 1955 Custom Ford T Bird HQ Wallpapers Free Wallpapers Free image of 1955 Ford Thunderbird Custom From Vizualtech 1955 Custom Ford T Bird Wallpaper

Christopher Locke of Austin, Texas, presents a humorous tribute to the beloved but short-lived gadgets and tools of the nineties.    via PSFK: http://www.psfk.com/2012/06/nineties-tech-fossils.html#ixzz1xrfMWalR

Modern Fossils: Short-lived technology from the and immortalized in concrete by Christopher Locke.

The keyboard of isolation by Jody Xiong of DDB China

the low-tech installation recalls the high-tech form of a keyboard in order to serve as a visualization aid to educate shanghai citizens on the reality of internet addiction.

tattoo electronics

the electronics system mounts on the skin like a temporary tattoo, usable in medical diagnostics;

Tatooed bananas - why not?

Using banana skins as canvases, multimedia artist Phil Hansen recreates famous works on the fruit with a push pin. In his project 'Tattoo A.

Riviera Privé Beirut - great way to promote sunglasses

Riviera Privé Beirut - great way to promote sunglasses

Conor Harrington

From Lazarides, Conor Harrington, Modern Monarchy Oil and Aerosol on Canvas, 152 × 122 cm