how to make dinosaur fossils with salt dough by learning 4 kids 2
Before the topic starts, everyone is asked what do they want to learn. So in this case of the Stone Age, everyone gets a flame to add what they want to learn over the topic
Stonehenge art idea - Stone Age to Iron Age ks2 from
Step by Step: How to create a cave painting with your kids!
Draw cave drawings on paper under this idea for Stone Age!
Using an old empty bottle with spray top. Fill with watery Paint and spray your hand on paper to make your own cave art.
Stone age to Iron age and Roman invasion Planned with as part of the new 2014 History Curriculum for Year 3
Stone Age Boy Literacy Planning
Savage Stone Age from Horrible Histories Magazine FREE online

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Stone Age Boy Literacy Planning
A cross-curricular topic map (overview) showing how to link this history unit to other areas of the curriculum. Full unit of work available from
Stone Age to Iron Age Story Pack
Awesome cave art that pairs with Story of the World: Volume 1
Stone Age campfire for year 3 topic inspiration day
Pupils note their learning on the Stone Age topic by making a diary of a man from that period
Stone age history display
cave art wall display - give them charcoal and a few natural colours or even soil to mix themselves
This Old Art Room: 6th Grade Stonehenge