This piece is very different, but still inspirational in the fact that having something missing of the woman but then through her face showing how she really feels, like a fear inside her head. This has given me an idea to use my text and word this way,


Christopher Coppers

Mimmo Rotella

Exploring Art: Artist Mimmo Rotella, i like this piece of work because of the bright bold colours and also its revealing and concealing this woman's face, also the rip marks is stead of cutting the image is also very interesting.

"Capture". Black and White Art Print by Art is Autobiographical. We form our own cages and bend the bars to fit our view of what we can and can't achieve. We can be our own worst enemies. We capture ourselves! £15.00

Black and White Print: "Capture" - Black and white print of original collage featuring strips of a face behind bars of a cage.

Micci Cohan

Spring Fog a' Lift'n' is an Original Mixed Media Collage Painting on paper by Ny Artist Micci Cohan / created in

Micci Cohan

Items similar to Siren - Original Fine Art Painting - 12 x 12 inches on Etsy

Hugo Kobayashi

Hyper realistic paintings of crushed lottery tickets by Hugo Kobayashi.

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