'Haircut By Erin Case Medium: Digital Assemblage / Collage Date: 2012 (with Andrew Tamlyn) This has given my the idea of incporating openings in the landscape as well as experimenting with photoshop

I like the use of colours within the raindrops in this piece In my final piece i would like to use raindrops or some kind of water source The blended colours emphasise the use of water

Abstract ~ study of oil & water, photographer Karen Keogh. Slightly hard to find the words to describe this abstract photo. I like the cartoony looking bubbles formed by the mixture.


This piece is very different, but still inspirational in the fact that having something missing of the woman but then through her face showing how she really feels, like a fear inside her head. This has given me an idea to use my text and word this way,

I like the use of many lines in this painting it made a sense of perspective in the piece I also like the bright colours emphasising that this is a happy, bold piece

noël skrzypczak (The Jealous Curator)

#skull #art #painting #illustration #anatomy #skeleton

Relationship between life and death. inside, outside: No information about this but it is two different photographs put together to create a half skull, half face image. That heavily relates to the theme of inside, outside and in between.

"Capture". Black and White Art Print by Art is Autobiographical. We form our own cages and bend the bars to fit our view of what we can and can't achieve. We can be our own worst enemies. We capture ourselves! £15.00

Black and White Print: "Capture" - Black and white print of original collage featuring strips of a face behind bars of a cage.