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Natasha Wenham

Natasha Wenham
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JK's room

My son loves Superheroes - decorating the playroom - my wife wanted me to make some wall art for my sons superhero play room. I got into it alittle to much but…

Gruffalo Story Sack

British Columbia Kindergarten Language Arts - encourage reading like behavior by acting out the actions or holding the dialog of the creatures as they appear, using the book as a type of script Gruffalo Story bag

Dear zoo story basket #dearzoo #babyplay #storytime

Mystery Lesson Box/Basket to have items for the zoo, books, binoculars, passports, activities for the lesson to surprise the kids.

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These are just a few different kinds of Sensory bottle ideas make your own variations. Make sure to ALWAYS seal your bottles securely! Place a few (NOT FOR SALE) in your kids area to keep them amused whilst parents shop!