Waldemar Strempler

Waldemar Strempler


"My Art Journal" by Diane Salter. Online course "My Funky Little City Scapes" with Jodi Ohl. I like the composition

Book art miniature lilliput world Fictional Landscapes by Kyle Kirkpatrick

Mixed Media Collage "Camera Roll-39" - Laurel Englehardt - Vintage paper collage with molding paste and Ranger dye spray.

Mixed Media Collage "Camera - Laurel Englehardt - Vintage paper collage with molding paste and Ranger dye spray.

Dont over look the little things by Anne Brooke

Dont over look the little things by Anne Brooke textile art tapestry seed heads floral landscape

recycle newspaper...for preschool....cut up and let children create their own collage...then tell you what it is

Seattle Art Seattle Skyline Print Space Needle Washington House Warming Gift UW Urban Seattle Art Gift for Her Seattle Collage Painting

Ruth Allen - collage work

WHO: Ruth Allen WHAT: Rue St James - collage with fine black lines, WHY: illustrative black lines, small amount of collage adding colour, sheet music instead of text

Up cycle boxes from packaging- paint background, collage houses/buildings/landscapes, glue & seal on box.

Keep boxes intact, paint and cover with collage houses/village/cityscape

Julie Havel: Fine Artist Edges paper art Visual Texture and edges Suitable to aid with GCSE Question like Textures or Edges

Julie Havel: Fine Artist Beautiful works by this fine artist, see her website for me studies.

Day 27 30x30 project original 7 x 10 mixed media collage by Mae Chevrette. Quote by Jack Kerouac

Day 27 - 30x30 project - original 7" x 10" mixed media painting

Jack Kerouac: "But I preferred reading the American landscape as we went along . ' mixed media piece by Mae Chevrette

Mae Chevrette, "Ramona," 6"x 8" mixed media on paper

Mae Chevrette, "Ramona," mixed media on paper; try printing NYC scapes over blocked colors on print paper

by Jelle Martens - I love colour and interspersing a detailed images with hues of colours seems really interesting. I like the contemporary feel of this work and think the scope of adding a range of shapes and contrasting images would be good

Triangles Are My Favourite Shape

Rebecca Vincent - Northumberland Artist - original limited edition prints - etchings - monotypes - Newcastle upon Tyne

ARTFINDER: Earth Lines by Rebecca Vincent - This image takes it's inspiration from ploughed fields but when I'm working on the forground area, it becomes more about colour and texture interactions and .

Emma S Davis mixed media on Paper 2009 - First Fall

Emma S Davis Works on Paper 2009 - Richard Hagen - Fine Art Gallery (for more by this artist see my landscape board)