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a piece of concrete with gold stars on it sitting on top of a white plate
Concrete Bar Necklace | Concrete Jewelry | Cement Jewellery | Beton Necklace
This listing is for 1 concrete necklace. These necklaces are perfect for everyday wear or a special occasion! Each jewelry is hand-poured with love and care by me! They are not heavy at all, absolutely comfortable to wear. ♦ FREE WW shipping with orders over $55 ♦ Made of a lightweight concrete mixture ♦ Handcrafted with love and intent ♦ Unique, timeless, and classic design ♦ Highest quality & finest materials ♦ Not containing resin or other chemicals SIZING Necklace recommended length: 60 cm/
DIY Schmuckschale
Wunderbares selbst gemachtes Schmuckblatt. #geschenkidee #diy #deko
there are many pots that have succulents in them on the ground next to each other
Cool Cement Balloon Planters: Affordable 10-Step Decorations
a square pendant with a turquoise stone in the center on a chain that is attached to a concrete block
ConcretelyShop | Etsy
three pieces of jewelry sitting on top of a cement surface with holes in the middle
BetonJuwelen -
a black necklace with colorful sprinkles hanging from it's gold chain
Concrete Jungle - besonderer Schmuck aus Sterling Silber