Rarely got one. I was done.

Star stickers for school work. My piano teacher used them also. You strived for the gold star!

To tape the Sunday evening Top 40 hit parade off the radio

I had those memorex tapes! Recording songs off the radio was an art! Hahaha :) "i used to spend hours recording songs off the radio. I still have a couple mixed tapes.

Mine looked like a clown after I'd finished with her, but i loved her anyway

I had one,she ended up with matted hair and a blue face thanks to my sis

Coca Cola necklace. That photo just dislodged a memory

OH MY GOD! I had one of these of every drink flavor! Man I wish I still had one! I got a lot of them in junior kindergarten as treats!

'Puffy' before it was about rap.

puffy stickers plus googly eyes. I have to admit that I miss my old sticker collection. I had a thick album, man.

Oh how I coveted this - my mum was too mean to get me one, or the PlayDoh Hairdressers for that matter

i remember him.the wheel was so hard to turn haha.I had the snoopy snow cone maker!

Kissing Potion. Not sure if this was the Cola flavoured gloss I had that made your lips feel  dry and gritty, that was nasty stuff, but I loved it.

Kissing Potion lip gloss by Maybeline was the lipstick of choice for us grade girls at Stilwell Middle School! I had it in cherry and bubblegum flavors.