Amy Judd | artsy forager I like Amy Judd's work because in all of them there's never a face being shown. I like her work because she always covers the faces with something unrelated but it stills works. This relates to disguise because you can't see her face

In her series of avian paintings, London artist Amy Judd beautifully explores the relationship between woman and bird that has been the subject of many a myth and tale.

'This Thing Called Art is Really Dangerous' by Agnes Cecile - Fine Art Prints available exclusively at Eyes On Walls -

Italian self-taught artist Silvia Pelissero, aka agnes-cecile painted a series of abstract figurative portrait paintings by focusing on her creative endeavors. More about Watercolor Paintings by Silvia Pelissero.

Enchanting Japanese poster art strikes a perfect balance...

Enchanting Japanese poster art strikes a perfect balance...

the-king-of-coney-island: “shoulderblades: “ be noisy, yasutomo ebisu for laforet, detail make-up by katsuya kamo ” ” 💕💋❤️💋💞 shoulderblades the-king-of-coney-island

by Amy Judd

Flawless in white by Amy Judd Art. I like the use of feathers and how they cover the eyes as if they're hiding something.

A woman is like a flower: If you care for her and love her enough, youll have the honor of watching her bloom.

Magazine - The Digital Glamour of Marcelo Monreal

The Digital Glamour of Marcelo Monreal

Magazine - Embroidered Portraits by Maurizio Anzeri

Embroidered Portraits by Maurizio Anzeri

Brillant collaboration between Richard Burbridge, Robbie Spencer and Maurizio Anzeri for Dazed and Confused issue June Cool fashion photography + embroidery on top of the pictures.


I love this because I love superhereos and this could be a way to incorporate them with my art

Marcelo Monreal’s Surreal Collages Replace Our Insides With Beautiful Blooms

The Faces [UN]bonded series of the Brazilian artist Marcelo Monreal, who explodes portraits of celebrities and top models, revealing vegetal elements, to