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an image of a man and woman with text that reads thank you for being my comfort i'm literally an alcoholic character
I love Leon
two pictures with one man and the other person in front of an open door that says leon
Im madly in love with leon kennedy
a man holding an object in his hand and pointing it at the camera with both hands
two texts are shown with the same image as they appear to be in different languages
ada & leon
Bunny, Pink, Girl, Girls, Cute, Cute Bunny, Cute Animals
a white rabbit with a pink ribbon on its head sitting in front of a fire
the text on the phone says, i almost dropped my phone on the carpet but lucky i was able to use my fast reflexes and snack into the wall instead
Amusing Discord Statuses That Perfectly Represent The Chaos Of The Platform
a white and black cartoon character with arms outstretched in front of a yellow background that says, hide your balls
a group of people standing together with their hands up in the air and text saying le me see wave ya hands
Handmade meme
an image with the words i explain that lego people live in houses made of their own flesh
Tasty Meme Treats For The Decimation Of Boredom