Nigel Biscombe

Nigel Biscombe

Nigel Biscombe
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Abs 30 day challenge - Fitness For Jane

30 day challenge

30 Days fitness plan - Abs Workout maybe add pushups in there too

30 day ab and squat challenge

30 day ab and squat challenge I started this challenge yesterday and i also add of my own work out i will let you all know how it goes at the end of the month.

30 day Ab challenge

30 day Ab challenge *starting this in July*

30 Day Ab Challenge

Yoga Fitness Flow - 30 Day Ab Challenge - Get Your Sexiest Body Ever!

Core 30-Day Challenge

Core Challenge - just another one to add to my challenges! Doing butt, legs, abs, yoga and core challenge- all at the same time!

Cardio Challenge - Preview

here is a hard cardio 30 days challenge. Be careful, not for lazy guys!

Nine different challenges. Think I'll start with the plank" challenge. (Fitness For Beginners Full Body)

Burpees | 14.000 in total | 30-Day Challenge

Who doesn't LOVE burpees? This is such a great body weight exercise that can be modified in so many ways. You can also add dumbbells, ankle weights, and/or even a weighted vest to increase the intensity.

30-Day Pull-Up Challenge #fitness #workouts . Pin and follow pyra2elcapo

A beginner level pull up challenge, thank you! I want to be able to do 20 solid dead-hang pull ups!