Canal Bridge, Ashton Canal, Fairfield, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, 1944, by LS Lowry.

Canal Bridge 1944 (Oil on board) This painting depicts Top Lock at Fairfield on the Ashton Canal, which was completed in 1797 and joined Manchester to Ashton-under-lyne

"All those people in my pictures, they are all alone, you know. They have all got their private sorrows, their own absorptions. But they can't contact one another. We are all of us alone - cut off. All my people are lonely. Crowds are the most lonely thing of all. Everyone is a stranger to everyone else." Sunday in the Park, Manchester, England, United Kingdom, 1959, by L. S. Lowry.

Sunday in the Park, Manchester 1959 Oil on Canvas 14 x 10 in.) Sold [June for at Christie& [Londo.

Good Friday, Daisy Nook, England, United Kingdom, 1953, by L. S. Lowry.

Laurence Stephen Lowry - The Fun Fair at Daisy Nook, 1953

Britain at Play, United Kingdom, 1943, by Laurence Stephen Lowry.

Britain at Play (Laurence Stephen Lowry, The Collection: Art & Archaeology in Lincolnshire - Usher Gallery)

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