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Yorkshire Parkin

Yorkshire parkin

This classic dark brown ginger cake is made from oats. In the past, it was often served with a seasonal fruit compote. The proper stuff, like this, should be extra sticky.

Mini Jam Tarts

Mini Jam Tarts

Little tarts of jammy sweetness. Perfect to make with a selection of homemade jams. Afternoon tea is just not the same without this Mini Jam Tarts Recipe!

Low Calorie Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa cakes

D loves Jaffa cakes might let him make his own. Homemade Jaffa Cakes :-D (It's a British site, so when they say "jelly" they mean "jello", & you can sub orange jam/jelly for this if you cook it first to thicken it)

Blueberry Victoria Sponge Cake

Blueberry Victoria sponge cake

Capture the flavours of summer in this Blueberry Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe. This impressive cake is perfect to serve and share with afternoon tea.

Genoise Sponge Cake with Berries

Genoise sponge cake with berries

Eric Lanlard Genoise sponge cake with summer berries

Chocolate and Vanilla Battenburg Cake

Chocolate and Vanilla Battenburg Cake - Cake Recipes -Recipes - Baking Mad Afternoon Tea grams.

Chocolate Chequered Cake

Chocolate chequered cake

This delicious Chocolate Chequered Cake Recipe is very impressive and a lot easier to do than it looks! Impress your family and friends at a celebration.

Egg Custard Tarts

Egg custard tarts

This Egg Custard Tarts Recipe makes delightful little tarts, perfect for an afternoon tea with friends.

Eric Lanlard's Banana and Rum Pie

Try Eric Lanlard's banana and rum pie recip! A Baking Mad favourite, this rich exotic pie is full of delicious flavours - and is sure to be a hit.

Sundried Tomato Bread

This Sundried Tomato Bread Recipe is packed with flavour. Serve as a starter with deli meats, olives and balsamic and olive oil to dip the bread in.

Italian Mushroom, Pesto and Artichoke Calzone

Italian Mushroom, Pesto and Artichoke Calzone - Breads from Around the World -Recipes - Baking Mad

Gingerbread with Orange Drizzle

Gingerbread with orange drizzle

A square gingerbread cake covered in white icing dripping down the sides and grated orange zest on top

Valentines Hearts Cake

Mini heart-shaped chocolate cakes, lavishly decorated with melted white chocolate, icing and sprinkles. For an extra indulgent edible gift, sandwich two cakes together with pink buttercream.

Banana Layer Cake

Banana layer cake

This Banana Layer Cake Recipe is deliciously moist and the dark muscovado sugar adds a rich, caramel flavour to the cake.

Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake with one slice removed to see the red sponge inside and the cream cheese icing filling.

Basic Buttercream

Basic buttercream

Every cupcake needs a delicious topping and this is a great way to perfect yours. This basic buttercream recipe is sure to give you perfect results every time.