Image by Ellen Hoverkamp © Natural Companions by Ken Druse with Botanical Photographs by Ellen Hoverkamp. Published in 2012 by Stewart, T.

Irving Penn

Irving Penn Cottage Tulip: Sorbet, New York 1967 (Printed [[MORE]] Dye imbibition print x cm The Art Institute of Chicago

Lotus pods - Robert Creamer's Scanner Art

These dried lotus pods are really cool and have long stems which would make them cool for taller arrangements.

flowers by irving penn

"tuberous begonia" photographed by irving penn(via the absolute.

Dale Hoopingarner - scannography - ScanArt - scanography - Scanner Art

This is a scanogram made by Dale Hoopingarner. He called this one Lavender and it was made some time in It was made by scanning flowers in a dark room so he can edit things like dark or light patches. I like the way it bends round the the top of the page.