Image by Ellen Hoverkamp © Natural Companions by Ken Druse with Botanical Photographs by Ellen Hoverkamp. Published in 2012 by Stewart, T.

Irving Penn

Irving Penn Cottage Tulip: Sorbet, New York 1967 (Printed [[MORE]] Dye imbibition print x cm The Art Institute of Chicago

Lotus pods - Robert Creamer's Scanner Art

These dried lotus pods are really cool and have long stems which would make them cool for taller arrangements.

Dale Hoopingarner - scannography - ScanArt - scanography - Scanner Art

This is a scanogram made by Dale Hoopingarner. He called this one Lavender and it was made some time in It was made by scanning flowers in a dark room so he can edit things like dark or light patches. I like the way it bends round the the top of the page.

Marty Klein - scanography - scannography - ScanArt - Scanner Art

MorningEarth celebrates the natural and majestic beauty that surrounds us every day.

Janet Dwyer - scanography - scannography - ScanArt - Scanner Art

Janet Dwyer - scanography -ice, liquid, flowers on Scanner bed in container. Uses moving insects, ice, liquids