A perfect way to capture the beauty of your garden and add to your cabinet: Creating Cyanotypes (Sun Prints)

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Anna Atkins Algae - Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions between 1843 and 1853

Cyanotype-- printing on chemically-sensitive fabric with sun exposure. Must remember to buy!

White paper art by Anna Maria Bellmann (nee Huber) paper artist, Munich, Germany

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Sunprint ceramics are cyanotypes captured directly on the surface of low fired porcelain pots


Ink for photo transfer you don't have to buy the photo chemicals - Bringing Art Home: Wreath Photogram DIY


A cyanotype photogram by Anna Atkins from her 1843 book Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions

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Anna Atkins Cystoseira fibrosa [Photographs of British algae: cyanotype impressions.


Sun Prints are pictures you make by creating shadows on photosensitive paper. By laying objects on a piece of sun print paper and then exposing it in a sunny windowsill, you create your own image.

Hand-tinted Cyanotype prints by Turtlesilk

Cyanotype print from a composite digital negative. The original files were scans of parrot tulips. This cyanotype has been hand-tinted with watercolors.