This is what i want to see when i call out, "honey, I'm home..."

Dark and creepy // Film is nothing but the trapping of things that are no more. Film is our communion with ghosts. Our pinned butterfly collection.

Matança até o topo da escadaria

This piece puts me in mind of the Kalb's dark warriors, tormented by their own souls, gathering in the shadow world, awaiting his command. (The LightBridge Legacy Book III) ✦✥✦ Art credit (?): Assassin's creed artwork - Killer by Yuan

Punishement of sins : Envy by Gaël Giudicelli

madcat-world: “ Punishment of Sins- Envy - Gaël Giudicelli (Wrath) ”

Dark art: Spooky Town

Favorite Artist: Feng Zhu: good design is understanding, not just drawing: Gold Tower

Various Cover Arts by marc simonetti, via Behance

This is the cover art for "The Crown Conspiracy" by Michael J Sullivan. The Crown Conspiracy, MJ Sullivan