Neitia Dore

Neitia Dore

*Insert Shrug* not much to know really... If you don't already know me well nice to meet you!
Neitia Dore
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Attack on Titan

We will be there with swords, scythes, and rocket launchers that we pull from our boobs.<<<<<< Its scary how true this is and I bet to it all we will have a few titans on our side<I already pinned this but this is great! XD and so true

water spider

Scuba spider Diving bell spiders (Argyroneta aquatica) can use air bubbles to breathe underwater, essentially treating them like mini scuba-diving tanks. The spiders are tiny

zodiacspot: More fun Zodiac Compatibility here

zodiacspot: More fun Zodiac Compatibility here -Libra, yes actually if i were broke I'd still be rlly happy cuz money IS NOT wat makes me happy

Caracal kitten.

A Caracal kitten with blue eyes. Caracal are sometimes called "African lynx" or "desert lynx" these tufted-eared cats are about three feet l.