Neil Howes
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Banksy's Flower Thrower - Creative Halloween Costume Idea

2014 Halloween Costume Contest Runner-Up. Banksy’s Flower Thrower Costume submitted by Lawrence from the USA

Headless Lady DIY Halloween Costume

This creepy headless homemade costume for a girl was made for my sever year old daughter, Josie. We found this awesome green dress at a thrift stor.

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Halloween Costume

Hannah: Red long sleeve shirt- with Thing 1 or Thing 2 on it Blue tutu Mix match converse shoes Red leggings.

Jet Pack Illusion Halloween Costume Idea

Lauren: This is my 9 year old sonhe wanted a costume with an illusion this year, so we went with a flying jet pack! you put that jet pack on and fly home when she is there lol He is wearing a skirt (shhh!

Dia de los Muertos Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Christina: Bella and Cruz Angelo are dressed as sugar skulls, a typical candy used in Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. The idea came from my love of sugar skulls.

Lego Family Halloween Costume

My son loves Legos and wanted to be Lego Superman. With this in mind, I decided to make us all costumes as legos. My husband is Emmett, I am WyldStyle, my son is superman and my youngest son is Lego Batman.

Inside Out - Disgust DIY Halloween Costume

Mayra: Insdie Out-Disgust My daughter decided she waned to be Disgust from the movie In Side Out this year. After watching the movie she became obsessed with the character. I began.