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an image of a woman with a quote on it that says, excited to announce that i have just about had it
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two women in dresses sitting on a bed next to each other with a quote about love
a woman with long red hair is standing in front of a painting that says people who say no pun intended are towardss
".... no pun intended"
People who say, "no pun intended" are cowards. Intend your puns weaklings!
an old man wearing a hat and glasses with a quote on it that says if it's true that things get better with age, i am more minutes away from magnificent
Just sharing ( Funnies) Sl
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a cat sitting on top of a black background with the words me driving at night i hope this is the road
a woman sitting in a chair with a cat on her lap and the caption reads, camell my plans, my cat just sat on me
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a woman sitting at a table in front of a vase with flowers on it and the caption that reads, crossing things off my to do list i didn't do them, just don't want