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painted mandala rocks

First, of course, you need to find the perfect stone. Look for smooth rounded stones. Maybe you have a certain design in mind. Or you can take reference of below DIY stone painting and art ideas.

Unfortunately I've heard too many people run other people down. Or speculating and saying what they think is happening! These people don't even realise the damage they are doing.

That moment you feel so hurt by someone gossiping and spreading lies about you and your family that it makes you realize you've probably hurt so many people yourself. No more gossip! Be the woman God wants you to be!

Perfect for all those who are know it alls who in reality, don't know the half of it. Or for those who always assume the worst about you.

Try asking me, instead of those hillbilly trailer trash folks, that after all of these years, you now call family.

The Smear campaign is gossip on steroids. All narcissists who are rejected by others will target the rejecter through defaming that person's character. They have no remorse, spewing lies about the victim of their continued abuse, who finally cut them off.

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