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Drink tea and wine to reduce flu symptoms, says research

Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine discovered that a compound found in foods such as red wine, blueberries and black tea prevented severe influenza infections in mice. It is thought taking the plant flavonoid compound before flu develops will reduce symptoms and impact.

Winter Health Myths That Can Snow You Some adages deserve to be frozen out. As temps drop many worry about rising risk of colds and fevers. But which fears aren't based on fact? And what valid health concerns do we ignore? Winter Hacks, Winter Tips, Winter Survival, Cold Weather Outfits, Winter Outfits, How To Wear Scarves, Save Life, Stay Warm, Sweaters For Women

Why wearing a scarf could save your life

Why wearing a scarf is important for your health

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8 reasons you're right to insist on a family walk

Cue howls of protest all round - but don't be shouted down! Getting outside for a walk helps mood and is a good form of exercise

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Did you know that cold weather can affect your heart?

Cold weather can affected your heart and trigger heart attacks. Here's how to protect your heart in the cold.

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5 common cold and flu questions answered

Two experts reveal what you need to know about the common cold, including what the symptoms of common cold are, whether you can go to the gym with a cold, your alcohol intake, taking time off work, attending events with a cold and working out whether you have a cold or the flu

For laundry that has been exposed to bacteria or body fluids, disinfecting is important to prevent spreading disease. Learn how to disinfect laundry. Uses Of Hydrogen, Hydrogen Peroxide Uses, Body Fluid, Viral Infection, Cleaning Day, Sick Kids, Kids House, How To Know, Bath And Body Works

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With lupus, getting a cold or flu is more than an inconvenience — it could cause complications. Stay well with these tips for lupus and winter colds. Resto Vegan, Flu Symptoms, Sinus Infection, Cold Remedies, Herbal Remedies, Flu Season, Health Advice, Health And Wellbeing, Immune System

8 tactics to stop the spread of cold and flu

Hygiene expert Dr Lisa Ackerley explains how you can avoid getting a cold or the flu this winter with eight very simple tips

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How to avoid dry lips this winter

How to avoid dry, cracked and painful lips when it's cold outside

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5 ways to protect your hands this winter

Expert advice to help look after your hands in the cold weather

There are so many positives to growing an herb garden. And many of the tasty herbs also have healing qualities. Read ahead for the health benefits. Stress, Cancer Treatment, Grow Your Own, Herb Garden, How To Stay Healthy, Natural Remedies, Healthy Living, Healing, Herbs

The top 5 natural remedies to boost your immunity

Natural remedies such as vitamin C and garlic to help boost your immunity and avoid colds and flu during the winter months.

Have you been wondering how some people hop into bed and they are dead asleep within a few minutes? The ability to fall asleep fast is a mix genetic factors and sleeping habits. Ways To Sleep, How To Get Sleep, Cant Sleep, Sleep Well, Extroverted Introvert, Infp, Burn Out, You Wake Up, Dealing With Depression

How to use the extra hour wisely this weekend

A neurologist on making the most of the clocks going back

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Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

Dubbed the 'sunshine vitamin', vitamin D is required for healthy bones, teeth and muscles, but how do we know if we're deficient in this all important mineral?

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This is how to get rid of cold sores

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) and usually clear up on their own within 10 days. They are contagious, but don’t let that stop you carrying on with your day. Just try not to smooch anyone until it goes away.

Many people will mistakenly use the term "poor circulation" when complaining about having unusually cold hands and toes. But it is actually a problem with the microcirculation - the smallest blood vessels in the body. Acupuncture, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Poor Circulation, White Smile, Medical History, Blood Vessels, Your Smile, How To Stay Healthy, Fingerless Gloves

Why do you get chilly hands and feet in winter?

Many people will mistakenly use the term "poor circulation" when complaining about having unusually cold hands and toes. But it is actually a problem with the microcirculation - the smallest blood vessels in the body.

4 Genius (And Natural!) Ways Essential Oils Can Ease Congestion And Cough goodho… - Flu Colds During Pregnancy, Essential Oils For Cough, Oil For Cough, Socks Outfit, Flu Remedies, Natural Remedies, Natural Treatments, Allergy Symptoms, Allergies

The best products to beat cold and flu

The cold and flu products that will actually work to relieve cold symptoms or prevent you catching one in the first place.

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In the news: Why you should try to get your flu jab before lunch

Scientists have found flu vaccines are more effective in the morning which could prevent thousands of deaths each year