Powerful image by Mark Seliger

Nazi concentration camp identification tattoo - holocaust survivors flexing their arms & showing off the tattoos 'we shall never forget'!

erasing herself 1 (2010) x roberta coni

Erasing herself 1 Roberta Coni - Painting

Man Ray

Man Ray, Fang Mask (from the Man Ray Trust)

Mitchell Hartman, YukaT, 2011

Mitchell Hartman, YukaT, 2011 from the Fragmented Vision series

Harry Nyquist, Portrait of a Portrait, 2000.

Harry Nyquist, Portrait of a Portrait, 2000 by artist Jim Campbell

by Graham Caldwell | via tumblr

Brooklyn-based artist Graham Caldwell creates glass-based installations which explore issues about surveillance, threat and self-obsession. Using many separate glass parts, usually mounted to a wal…

Chad Wys

Chad Wys - Cloaked Girl, paint on laser print


BRICK: A molded rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln until hard and used as a building and paving material.

RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne, 2012

Sean Godsell Architects’ RMIT Design Hub functions “as both a building and declaration”.

Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn

Donna Henes, 1978

Donna Henes, Keep the thoughts in.

Zhang Huan, Family Tree, 2000

Zhang Huan Zhang Huan – Family Tree, 2000 Family Tree is a performance piece by Chinese artist Zhang Huan. Three calligraphers wrote a combination of names known to Zhang Huan, personal stories, learned tales and random thoughts on Huan’s face.

Guinevere van Seenus x Daniel Jackson

Franken-Fashion Mask Project for Dazed Digital

Lost of identity

Viscose jersey cocoon dress by Hussein Chalayan, glass “pupa” headpiece by Emi Fujita for Hussein Chalayan / on TTL Design

mass individualism

Selected wide angle views of futuristic locations, shot by the German photographer Christian Stoll. "Most of these images are part of worldwide