New Balance Free Running

What a Journey this has been, from a little to a lot. The Journey of Parkour gets more exciting as the months pass by.
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an artist's rendering of a person hanging upside down from a tree
Freerunning is an expressive, movement based street art - These guys are incredible. Watch this space...
a skateboarder is doing a trick in the air near a sign and some trees
Running, jumping, climbing, swinging and crawling and making each of these elements progressively stronger and thus eventually more useful (be strong to be useful)
a man is hanging upside down in the air with his legs spread out and feet up
New Balance Parkour boys - Parkour is a method of training the body and mind how to most effectively and efficiently navigate our physical reality. This is done by employing elements of natural human movement.
two men are hanging upside down in the grass while one man is on a tree
Free Running in our beautiful city!
a man is doing a handstand on a tree in the middle of a park
Parkour boys moving through their environment as creatively and as beautifully as possible :)
the words sabotage elite free running are in front of an image of a furnace
Freerunning is an expressive, movement based street art which borrows greatly from the elements of parkour. It's a blend on natural human movements and creative use of the body and environment. There is an emphasis of acrobatic movement and the goal is to move through your environment as creatively and beautifully as possible or as you desire :)
a man flying through the air while riding a skateboard in front of a park
Sabotage Elite’s ultimate goal is to re-learn the possibilities of the human body and transcend the limits of the human mind. With every step, leap and bound, we eliminate the illusion of fear. Through the art of movement
a person jumping in the air on a skateboard over a bridge with trees and buildings in the background
Free Running will inspire you in so many ways....