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Mike Newbury
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Use Bold Frontiers forest tree sets (www.boldfrontiers.com.au) in your toy soldier games and, also using your imagination, find new skills that may help you outplay your opponents. This illustration shows how the combination of trees and powder smoke from firearms can quickly diminish visibility in enclosed places. The situation would worsen if no breeze existed to clear the air. Read more about the purpose and uses of the forest tree sets at www.boldfrontiers.com.au. [Don Troiani]

Confederate Officer, Alabama Infantry Regiment by Mark Churms. Colonel William C Oates leads his regiment up the slopes of Little Round Top to attack the left flank of the Union army on the second day of fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Five soldiers, four unidentified, in Union uniforms of the 6th ...

Five soldiers, four unidentified (Albert L. Burgess standing on the far right), in Union uniforms of the Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia outfitted with Enfield muskets in front of a Union encampment.

United States Civil War, Union Army, Private of the 12th Indiana Volunteers.

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