christmas pudding

Sweet Indulgences - Easy Traditional Steamed Christmas Pudding - Gramma is the keeper of this tradition, this recipe includes pumpkin puree and cranberry sauce in the batter


Devon Scones - Heavenly Treat for Tea time!

Devon Scones with Cream and Jam. Devon Scones A Heavenly Treat for Tea Time! Recipe for scones.

Joel Penkman’s series British Food

Biscuits in a line. Joël Penkman Top to Bottom: Jammy Dodger Bourbon Pink Wafer Custard Cream Iced Ring

Battenburg Cake- British. How sweet!

Battenberg Cake

battenberg cake This checkerboard loaf cake recipe calls for two pound cake mixes, raspberry jam, purchased marzipan, and fresh raspberries and mint leaves. Make the centerpiece dessert to serve at a luncheon or tea party.

The English classic:  Fish and chips

Fish and chips

St Georges Day - April Fish and chips Classic English fish and chips - with mushy peas, tea, bread and butter - however you like it.

Toad In The Hole

Toad In The Hole

Liquorice Allsorts

Best and worst sweets: No. 11 - Liquorice Allsorts - Best and worst sweets

A classic British breakfast... with beer.  Just looking at it sends me into a food coma.  A delicious, delicious food coma. #breakfast

Beer for Breakfast: Several Surprising Pairings

Beer Fact: Until coffee gained popularity, beer was the breakfast beverage of choice in most urban areas of the United States.

Hot cross buns

Traditional spiced, sticky glazed fruit buns with pastry crosses. Served as a classic Easter treat, the buns can also be enjoyed at any time of year.

Jaffa Cakes, McVities' are the best.

Awesome sponge-y chocolate orange cakes (or biscuits.) that are particularly amazing, especially when paired with Irish breakfast tea.

Fentimans creates sodas the old fashion way, with family-secret combinations of additional herbs to produce a unique product which has been popular in Great Britain for years.  The dandelion and burdock remind me of sarsparilla, without the medicinal aftertaste. You can buy Fentimans by the case in the US at

Dandelion leaves and Burdock root, sweetened with pear juice and spiced with a touch of ginger and anise