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a hand holding water with the words he fills my cup
“Confidence in Christ Jesus” 9/30/2019 Written by Dawn Ivey for “Drawing closer to Christ”
the lord is on my side, i will not bear him bible verse about fear
Psalm 118:6 Fear Not
the words are written in different colors and styles on a blue background with an orange, black
Bible Verse Wallpaper
a blue background with the words proves, prove is written in black on it
a woman standing in the water with her arms outstretched, saying nothing can stop god's plan for your life
a green background with the words god will command his angels to protect you wherever you go
Trust God
Elle Rivz
a yellow flower with the words, the world and its desired pass away, but the man who does the will of god lives forever
Jaime Wiebel (@Jaime_Wiebel) / Twitter
a train track with the words let my steps stay on your tracks so that my feet will not stumble
Listen And Hear
a field with the words, stop trusting in man who has but a breath in his nourishes 6 what account is he?
Trust In God Alone
a quote written in black ink on a blue watercolor paper with the words compliment rather than complain, express gratitude rather than feel sorry for yourself and appreciater
10 Fear-Fighting Verses In The Book Of Isaiah
10 Fear-Fighting Verses In The Book Of Isaiah
a black and white photo with the words you're my place of quiet retreat i wait for your word to knew me
My Quiet Time
a hand print with the words i have written your name on the palm of my hands
an open bible with the words, when it comes, for the lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from a snake