Pictogramas Rio 2016

Pictogramas Rio 2016

Pictogrames esportius de les Olimpíades de 2016 a Rio de Janeiro.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics #Logo #Design

Alex ~ stylish olympian {classic noble sport there ~ favorite samurai sport} ~ they're not famous

GD Logo#6- "Female Writers" Logo.

Erotic Literature by Tang Yau Hoong. I think the pen outline is overused in writing logos, but this is a nice design.

Locomotive influenced invitation

Instead of train tickets, it would be nice to do with plane ticket invitations for the dutch guests.

Love that this icon combines a letterforms and animal to create a unique symbol Breaze Cars - Brand Identity

I adore the innovative and subtle combination of the letterform with the object, all the while reflecting the personality of the company. Seeing the creative process leading up to the final product was refreshing, inspiring,

MB Modern monogram by British freelance logo designer Richard Baird - richardbaird.com

Modern MB monogram by British freelance logo, brand identity and graphic designer Richard Baird.

Montréal Olympic Park identity by lg2 #identity #branding #colors

Montréal Olympic Park identity by Beautiful use of the four colours, also really nice simple line graphics.

シンフロのロゴ:よく知っているもの同士の組み合わせで新しい面白さを表現したロゴ | ロゴストック


シンフロのロゴ:よく知っているもの同士の組み合わせで新しい面白さを表現したロゴ | ロゴストック