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if i decide to get a tattoo it will be something like one of these... 8531 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069 - Call or stop by anytime. UPDATE: Now ANYONE can call our Drug and Drama Helpline Free at 310-855-9168.

I love the music notes behind the ear and I think anything on the outside edge of the foot with a sexy heel (within reason) will look good. I do really love the idea of a collarbone tattoo.

amen to that!!

That's exactly what all of mine are! They aren't just "stupid teenage decisions" that I will one day regret. If I regret any of them, then something has gone horribly wrong in my life.


I started to say that I wished my hip piece looked that pretty, but without the stars, butterflies and flowers. And then I realized that without all that stuff, it is my hip piece.

"Every breath is a second chance" I feel like this tattoo has become way too cliche, but I love the quote

"Every Breath Is A Second Chance" Perfect tattoo, and I have tattoo fever!